DG Committees

The Board Steering Committee (BSC):

The Board Steering Committee is chaired by Mr. Rashid Saif Al-Jarwan and is composed of the following members: 

The role of the Board Steering Committee is to assist the Board in supervision and control of the activities of the Executive Management of the company, and to take decisions between the meetings of the Board in relation to certain matters including urgent matters relating to capital and operating expenditures, and new business opportunities.

  1. Mr. Rashid Al-Jarwan (Chairman)
  2. Mr. Varouj Nerguizian
  3. Mr. Abdullah Al-Majdouie
  4. Mr. Said Arrata
  5. Mr. Majid Jafar, Board Managing Director
  6. Dr. Patrick Allman-Ward, CEO 

The Audit and Compliance Committee (A&CC):

The Audit and Compliance Committee is chaired by Mr. Varouj Nerguizian and is composed of the following members:

  1. Mr. Varouj Nerguizian (Chairman)
  2. Mr. Majid Jafar
  3. Mr. Nasser Al-Nowais
  4. ​Mr. Said Arrata ​
  5. Mrs. Fatima Al Jaber

Most of the members of the Audit Committee come from a financial business or banking background and are very familiar with financial and audit operations.

The role of the Audit and Compliance Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in performing its function of supervision over the finances of the company and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. The committee exercises the functions prescribed by the Ministerial Resolution No. 518-2009 including:

  1. Reviewing the quarterly financial statements;
  2. Supervising the preparation and compiling of the company’s financial statements, and the procedure for preparation of financial reports;
  3. Ensuring the soundness and correctness of the company’s financial statements;
  4. Review of risk management and internal control procedures;
  5. Recommendation of the fees of the company’s external auditors; and
  6. Recommendation relating to the Internal Audit Department’s organisation plus activities.

Corporate Governance, Remuneration & Nominations Committee (CGR&NC):

The Corporate Governance, Remuneration & Nominations Committee is chaired by Mr. Abdullah Al-Majdouie and is composed of the following members:

  1. Mr. Abdullah Al-Majdouie (Chairman)
  2. Mr. Hani Hussain
  3. Mrs. Fatima Al-Jaber
  4. Mr. Rashid Al-Jarwan

The majority of the members of the Committee including its Chair is independent and is possessed of considerable knowledge and expertise in corporate governance, remuneration and salaries and benefits policies.

The Committee ensures the effectiveness of the procedures and processes of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors and assists the Board in relation to the appointment of senior executives, appraisal of executive performance, succession plans, remuneration policies and nominations to the Board of Directors membership.

The Committee exercises the following functions:

  1. Establishing remuneration, salary, benefits and incentives policies;
  2. Developing human resources policies;
  3. Recommending corporate governance standards and guidelines;
  4. Reviewing directors’ remuneration and making appropriate recommendations to the Board;
  5. Review and approval of senior employees’ succession plans;
  6. Ensuring and maintaining good relationships with shareholders, investors and regulators; and
  7. Handling and supervising nominations to the Board of Directors.

Reserves Sub-Committee:

The Reserves Sub-Committee is chaired by Mr. Said Arrata and is composed of the following members:

  1. Mr. Said Arrata (Chairman)
  2. Mr. Ziad Galadari
  3. Mr. Hani Hussain
  4. Dr. Patrick Allman-Ward
  5. Mrs. Iman Hill

The role of the Reserves Sub-Committee is to review and approve reserve reports. 

The Committee exercises the following functions:

  1. Ensure that the Company is properly assessing and reporting the reserves that result from exploration and development operations.
  2. Ensure that the reserve estimate updates are timely, professionally accurate and compliant with international standards.
  3. Contract with an independent engineering and reserve auditing firm (currently Gaffney, Cline and Associates) to do annual updates
  4. Meet annually to review the changes to oil and gas reserves with the Company’s technical management and the independent engineers

Protecting Minority Shareholder Rights

All Directors of Dana Gas are shareholders in the Company, although the level of shareholding varies widely. Determined to treat all shareholders equally, the Board of Dana Gas constantly reviews current arrangements and any potential future arrangements with any companies connected to any Board member, or their families, to ensure that this is the case.

Directors must maintain strict confidentiality of any information, discoveries, intellectual property and commercial secrets of the Company which have been acquired as a result of being a Director. They must also ensure that their actions conform to the regulations of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) with regard to dealing in the securities of the Company. Directors provide on an annual basis, a disclosure document covering the issues listed. A directory of Board members’ interests, as disclosed, is maintained and continually updated by the Corporate Secretary.

The Company makes full disclosure of all material transactions with the controlling shareholders, directors or management, and their affiliates as well as all material shareholder agreements and all trading on Dana Gas shares by Directors and senior managers.

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